Barbara Bang game studio can be called young, as it was founded in 2021. But that doesn't make us dabblers in the iGaming industry. On the contrary, we were able to find professionals and experts with extensive experience in the market and unite them into one team to achieve even invisible goals. We respect the classics and took only the best from them, creating new and different mechanics today that are receiving recognition from the players.

Barbara Bang pays attention to even the smallest details and makes quality games understandable for players. And retention tools such as tournaments, free spins and jackpots have already been implemented in our game studio products. Multi-platform, HTML5, mobile version and modern technologies allow our team to be on the cutting edge of modernity.


Barbara Bang does not aspire to be like someone else. Instead, we make every effort to make everyone look up to us. Our team takes the experience of professionals in one hand, ambitions in the other, and produces trending games targeting anyone's interest.

We are not afraid to create something new! We are already creating unique products to expand the iGaming market's horizon and evolve with partners and players who know that Barbara Bang games are engaging, large-scale, and profitable.

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